Small Monies

This was going to be a post about selling my textbooks on Amazon but they would only let me sell 2 out of the 5 I wanted to. After looking at other options I landed on eBay. The complexity of getting started caused me to get stuck before listing anything. There is more to do here selling things in my house but it feels time consuming. Maybe I should focus on local listings.

Instead here are some other things I am doing to maximize my income.

I am also maxing out all possible work benefits, beyond the obvious ones like 401k match and charitable giving match. Tuition reimbursement is started and should be completed this summer. Also developing a pipeline of job referrals by posting job recs at school. Steadily expanding that effort. I will also participate fully in the ESPP program starting this summer.

The third thing I will be starting soon is trading covered calls on my investment portfolio. This could lead into additional options strategies but for now will accept the additional premium for investments I am holding anyways.

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