The time is right

Several important updates from the last eight months.

On the personal front, we have gotten married and I have graduated school. This is a stronger position than we were in last fall for this project, primarily financially and having the time to devote to a large project together.

On the business front, I led two management consulting projects for small businesses in NYC. They were both about twelve weeks long and covered topics of pricing, brand, and growth through partnerships and franchising. While working on them, I contemplated what it might be like to continue after graduation with these types of projects as a side hustle. I will continue to pursue this idea with one of my classmates, but it will not be a primary focus.

The next big step is going to be a project kickoff my wife and I are planning for June. We will use the month as a sprint to see how far we can take our blog project in thirty days through concentrated effort. We purchased the domain name, hosting, and did initial set up last fall. In the last eight months, some content has been made but not published. My goal for June is to have a working business (marketing, publishing, monetization) on the way to gaining traffic and making money.

The other goal is to see where our interests and skills are so we can plan to scale the business by adding more properties. Knowing what we are good at and like to do will shape where we go next.

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