Follow up

I would say that currently it feels both like I am following a bunch of unrelated interests, and all feel related somehow because I am interested in them. When you compound everything, sometimes it doesn’t make sense until it does.

Talking about buying a business: I have done a decent amount of work here. The course I am taking at school is not going super well but has given time to work on the business, so I have a lot more slides now and am better at giving the pitch. Have spoken with a couple lawyers, and some people who do something similar for a living. I have gotten some validation for my thesis.

Acquisition Entrepreneurship: I have joined the board of the ETA club at school as the VP of Alumni and Community. Looking forward to networking with entrepreneurs all year. I also spoke with the uncle of a family friend who is potentially interested in selling his business and retiring.

Infinite and Elusive, solved by researching all entrepreneurship and side hustles following the ones that resonated with me, that I could see myself doing. So far, options, ETA, web businesses. Not sure what is going to happen but continuing to pursue all avenues and meet people involved with them.

Networking, I am feeling a transition happening from networking with anyone I know to specific people related to my business interests. I have had a sense for many years that I go through periods of broad interest, casting the net wide, followed by a period of focus and refinement going deep and strengthening specific relationships.

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