Trading Options

I started trading covered calls after over six months learning how to do it. I mentioned wanting to do this in Small Monies, and Side Hustle Research. In my first month, I made $569, and in my second month I made $1,402. I expect I will be making 1-2k per month for a while with this strategy. It doesn’t feel like it, but this is a big win for this project. This is something that I learned about as a side hustle, have implemented and am making money doing.

I would like in the next three months to start a small account to trade more complex options strategies and learn how it works. I will be taking a derivatives class as well this fall. I have also started writing small python programs to help me with my trading. That has been a fun and practical use of programming so will continue with that. I have also spoken with a few people in the field so starting to build a network around this interest.

There have been some side hustle ideas that have not worked: referrals at work didn’t go anywhere. I referred probably close to a hundred MBA’s and others from my professional network without any results. I haven’t sold any possessions. I am participating in the ESPP program at work which should earn some money but not a ton.

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