The time is right

Several important updates from the last eight months. On the personal front, we have gotten married and I have graduated school. This is a stronger position than we were in last fall for this project, primarily financially and having the time to devote to a large project together. On the business front, I led two … Read more

Starting from Scratch

I won’t be in a place to buy a business before graduating next spring. I also feel like my coursework and networking will be help put me in a good place for that acquisition. I am turning my attention to practicing skills needed to operate and build a web business. This will give a good … Read more

Follow up

I would say that currently it feels both like I am following a bunch of unrelated interests, and all feel related somehow because I am interested in them. When you compound everything, sometimes it doesn’t make sense until it does. Talking about buying a business: I have done a decent amount of work here. The … Read more

Trading Options

I started trading covered calls after over six months learning how to do it. I mentioned wanting to do this in Small Monies, and Side Hustle Research. In my first month, I made $569, and in my second month I made $1,402. I expect I will be making 1-2k per month for a while with … Read more

Compounding Everything

I am not the first person to write about this but it is mindset that I believe in and use to great success. Compound interest on money is powerful because when you are paid interest on your money, the amount you are paid is added to your total. This means the next time you are … Read more


Networking is something I have been spending considerable time on in the last year. It was something that a year ago I felt like I was very bad at but saw the value in being good at it. One thing that I have clarified in the last year is that Networking is not a thing. … Read more

Introductory Resources

As I am talking to people more about this business idea and the market of buying and selling web businesses, having a resource of good introductory articles and podcasts has become more necessary. Here is what I have so far but this will likely be a work in progress. Quiet Light – Broker The 101 … Read more

Small Monies

This was going to be a post about selling my textbooks on Amazon but they would only let me sell 2 out of the 5 I wanted to. After looking at other options I landed on eBay. The complexity of getting started caused me to get stuck before listing anything. There is more to do … Read more

Talking about buying businesses

A classmate and friend introduced me their friend who is about to close on a business purchase. It was excellent to hear his journey and made me feel more open to making my own path. He also helped me legitimize my ideas and desire to pursue them. He busted myths like not being able to … Read more

One Year Update

Almost a year ago, I wrote about defining my ten year goal during a class at business school. I was excited to read it recently and discover that I am already on track at year one. I am working for a new company and am well on my way to refining what I need to … Read more