Separate the Long Term and the Short Term

In an earlier post, I was thinking about a side gig to make a little extra money and get experience running my own very small business. After initial online research was discouraging, I decided to put this off and focus on school. Now I am more comfortable with school and am revisiting this idea. The numbers I laid out are still a motivator and potentially good goals. Being able to pull a profit, then 1000/mo, then 4500/mo out of a side hustle business would be great.

In Infinite and Elusive, I was struggling with picking a business to pursue. For the long term big picture I solved this with ETA. What this solved for me was that I could be an entrepreneur who is primarily interested in running and growing a business without caring what that business actually does (usually what people think is most important to an entrepreneur).

For the short term side hustle, I decided to speak with all my friends and acquaintances who I know have side hustles to get ideas and to hear how they got started and what their first steps were. This has been informative, motivating and has helped strengthen those relationships. The research I did on franchises I was able to share with a friend who is interested.

I started focusing on reselling type businesses. I think they appeal to me because they represent an opportunity to capture value that other people overlook. They also usually have a time and patience component which appeals to my personality.

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