Side Hustle Research, Part 2

I almost considered editing my last post on Side Hustle Research because these thoughts came so quickly after I published. The Side Hustle Podcast led me to a very exciting topic that is bringing together a lot of goals and seemingly fitting a lot of pieces of this journey. I found the Empire Flippers Podcast, … Read more

Search Fund Accelerator

I have not spent enough words writing about the impact of Search Funds has had on my thinking. I first wrote about Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition six months ago, but my research in the meantime has continued. The resources post has good overviews of the concept. The basic concept is to raise two funds. First is … Read more

Side Hustle Research

I have done some preliminary broad research on potential side hustles and have a couple options that I will research in more depth. My research followed a particular path but led to interesting results. I found the Mad Fientist blog through a reread of Simple Path to Wealth. From there I found the Side Hustle … Read more

The IT Conference

I went to an IT conference last week that was attended by mostly small business who provide IT services to other small businesses. Because of that, over half of the attendees were CEO’s or owners of their companies. In general, I found it really exciting to be among these business people and to be a … Read more


I attended a webinar on franchising put on by school and delivered by John Armstrong from FranNet. I think there are some really interesting industries and businesses represented in franchising that opened my mind to more potential small business possibilities. There are two reasons I feel that this option is not as strong as searching. … Read more

Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition

I considered shutting down this blog but have more updates after a period of discouragement. After investigating many side hustle as business ideas, I felt discouraged. Instead I worked on implementing a couple of insights from Leadership and Organizational Change class from school. First has to do with expanding and strengthening my personal network and … Read more

Infinite and Elusive

The biggest excuse I hide behind is that I would start a business but I don’t have an idea for one. This seems like a good place to start. There seems to be infinite possibilities for businesses when you look, or pay attention to creative people with side-hustles. However, the idea seems elusive. There are … Read more

The Immediate Needs

Business school tuition is a strong practical motivator to make first steps to starting a business. My program is extremely expensive and has caused concern for the amount of debt I would need to finance it. A better option would be to supplement the payment with additional income from a side business. One way this … Read more

The Ten Year Goal

In my very first class session of business school, the very first activity the professor asked us to do was to write on an index card our one, five and ten year goals. The perspective he wanted us to take was of looking back from this time in the future and seeing all the steps … Read more